Muistomuokkaamo project plays with time and memories. In workshops, you can do impossible things: Travel to places that don’t exist anymore, bring together people over time and places or meet yourself when you were young, or maybe something totally else?


In workshop, you can create a new memory by combining two or more own photos. Your photos can include people, places, feelings or items, and they can be from different time and era. During the 3-hours-workshop, you can combine your photos by using creative methods by hand or easy-to-use photo editor. You don’t need earlier experience about editing. Thoughts and stories about the new memory will be written down.

Workshop has room for 6 to 9 participants and it lasts 3 hours. Workshops are for adults.

Please bring two or more own photos which you would like to combine. Photos can be prints or digital versions. In the beginning, we can scan or copy your original photos.


Don’t hesitate to ask an offer or more information:

Examples of new memories